Skamp (socalbandits) wrote in owlbabies,

looking for a book

this has been driving me crazy for a while now. There was a book I read as a kid in the late 80s Im gonna do my best to describe it to you.

It was about this inspector guy (I think he was an otter) and his niece and nephew (or kids, I cant remember)

it was basically a series of books that labeled everything on the pages. the one I read was about a sunken treasure. the two pages I remember most was one in like a bait and tackle shop. On this page it had things labeled like a fishing net, compass, fishing poles etc. on another they were sailing through rough seas and there were alot of whales, like a narwhal, blue whale, flying fish, etc.. again everything was identified with a word right next to it.

anyway I hope thats clear enough, I might try to see if my grandfather might still have it but I doubt it, hopefully someone knows what Im talking about, I cant find anything on it on google.
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