Author Brian Gibson (uglyeliza) wrote in owlbabies,
Author Brian Gibson

"Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" new children's book!

Hey everyone,

My name is Brian Gibson, and I am the author and illustrator of the new book, "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship".

If you- or anyone you know has little kids, I would reccomend picking up a copy. My main character, the ugly, but oh-so-cute "Ugly Eliza" will give them the complete 411 on how salt REALLY got into the ocean. You'll never guess in a million years how, I bet you three toes.

You can order your copy at

Parents: As a writer for your kids, I value your feedback the most. I enjoy hearing from you. I also like to talk and network with other writers. For more information, visit my user-info page or my myspace-

THANKS for your continuted support!

-Brian Gibson

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